sans shadow,

Selected works by land artist Nils Udo

The artist works on site using found berries, leaves, sticks, the movement of water, the growth of plants. Each piece is in response to the landscape and materials he finds around him. The beauty of nature and the gently altered landscapes revealed in Nils-Udo’s work are entrancing and mysterious.”

  1. Root Sculpture”, Parque Chapultepec, Mexico City, Mexico, 1995.
  2. Summer in the park,” Lime tree, bird berries and lime tree sheets, Aachen, Germany, 1999. 
  3. The Nest”, Earth, stones, birch branches, grass, Lüneburg Heath, Germany, 1978. 
  4. Water and Art”, Brookbed, Bindweed Blossoms, Ile de la Réunion, Indian Ocean, 1990.
  5.  Little Lake”, Ground water, connect hazel tree, bluebells, dead sheets, Vallery, France, 2000.

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    Selected works by land artist Nils Udo ”The artist works on site using found berries, leaves, sticks, the movement of...
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